University-Software.Com is an independent software developer specializing in decision support software, quantitative analysis, programmed tutorials, and software generally in support of education, business, and industry with an uncompromising committment to providing quality products and services.


Software Development Services
We are available to engage in software design, development or conversion projects and therefore welcome competitive inquiries. We specialize in small production runs of educational and decision support software at competitive prices. This would include capabilities in web site design, development, and promotion.


Software Review and Marketing Procedure
If you are the author of interesting and useful software for IBM PC compatibles or the Mac operating system, you should consider University-Software as a possible publisher and/or distributor for your work. Authors are encouraged to submit their software application to "Software Review", P.O. Box 5013, Woodland Hills, CA 91365-5013. We take great pride in promoting and supporting the author's creative interest.


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